This site has been created as an online focal point for surfmat riders in the UK and beyond. 

For those who are new to these amazing craft, we have put up a section all about mats which will hopefully give some insight into surfmats, why we ride them, advice on which swim fins are best suited to mat surfing, as well as some technical tips on riding and mat maintenance, but if all that falls short then please get in touch and we’ll do our best to answer any questions.


We are immensely proud to present Here & Now. California's Ken McKnight interviews notable mat surfers and others around the globe who have contributed to mat surfing.

As the name suggests, the focus is towards what is happening now and where mat surfing is going. 


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The Media section of the site features a range of surfmat articles and video. We are more always looking for new (or old) content so please get in touch.

We are more than happy to consider original articles for publication. 


The UK Mat Surfers Forum is the place to get together with other mat surfers. Arrange hookups, talk about mats and mat riding, ask questions (people are always willing to help) and even sell your stuff!

Registration is easy with accounts being quickly verified. Facebook log in is also available.