A Few Shots From Our Archive

Thought it might be nice to get the ball rolling witha few shots we've collected of UK matters riding surfmats. 

1. Andy Cooke taken at Matmeet 5. Shot by Mel at Splashography.

2 Henry Marfleet G- land.

3 Close up of Ian Wraith on a Roseland point. Shallow!

4 Ian again showing that with the right knowledge, even busy spots can be quiet.

5 Ian and Bob Booth at Matmeet 5.

6 Bryn Dampney finding shade in South East Cornwall.

7. Bob again at Crackington.

8. Bryn Dampney at his home break.

9. Ian Wraith, Caerhays.

10. Dan Lawrence and Adrian Paterson at matmeet 9, Crackington Haven.

11. Dan Crockett exploring the Icelandic points.

12. Graeme \webster in South East Cornwall. 

13. Demi Taylor of Approaching Lines showing a healthy appreciation of inflation levels.

14. Graeme Webster in dinky Pentewan.

15. Arty shot of a mat surfer by Joe Webster.

16. Ian Wraith demonstrating the art close up. 

17. Ian again at Praa.

18. Another Wraith bottom turn. 

19. Old shot of Ian at Perranuthnoe.

20. Ex-Pat Jim Newitt, Santa Cruz.

21. Joe Webster at Challaborough.

22. Kana Wraith surfing the spiritual home... Polly Joke.

23.. Lilly Wraith carrying on the stoke.

24. Grandad Stu Marshall setting an example.

25. Brrrrrrrrrrrrr!!! Andy Cooke and Phil Sinclair.

26. Joe Webster at Caerhays.

27. Graeme Webster at Matmeet 12, Widemouth.

28. Ian Wraith at Matmeet 12.

29. League of Nations. Juan d'Ornellas, Tim Ciasto and Graeme Webster at Matmeet 12.

30. Bob Booth at Matmeet 12.


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