G-Mat "5 Star General" Surfmat

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G-Mat "5 Star General" Surfmat


The G-Mat "5 Star General" is a high performance surfmat suiting almost all conditions, The materials and build quality are exactly the same as in Custom G-Mats, with each mat being hand built by Graeme Webster. The 5 Star General more than holds its own in any lineup and has been tested in small, backed off surf to solid hollow reef waves by a range of riders and has performed admirably across the board. In short, this is an excellent surfmat worthy of any mat surfer.

  • Available in 2 weights: 200/70 (200 denier nylon deck and 70 denier internal structures and bottom skin for the most stable all-round ride in all conditions) and 70/70 (70 denier material throughout for a super sensitive high speed experience for more experienced mat surfers). 
  • 200/70 - restricted Breather (AKA "wheezer") - Restricted internal air flow offers more stability at lower inflation.
    70/70 - Free Breath - Unrestricted airflow to enhance responsiveness.
  • Sikaflex EBT grip for durable traction and enhanced deck stability.
  • Concave and "free" rocker to maximize down the line speed and responsive turning.
  • Modified Boston Valve allows for easy inflation control in the water and rapid deflation.

SIZING: Small (5'5" - 5'9"), Medium (5'9" - 6'1"), Large (6'1" - 6'5")
(Slim/skinny build? Knock an inch off your height)

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