NEEDessentials Wetsuits

Low-key money savers? Hardcore unbranded anti-fluro? Whatever the case, the company are making a point of trimming down the superfluous extras and unnecessary links in the chain, according to their website: 

Don’t let the prices fool you, NEED Essential only make premium products. Our world class team of product developers and manufacturers have pulled together their decades of industry experience and technical product development to ensure our products deliver. Need Essentials only use the best possible materials to give you the functionality and quality you expect from a premium product but delivered at a fraction of the cost.

When it comes to mat riding, the smooth skin back with nylon front looks good. Nice and durable on the belly but keeping the kidney chill at bay. So all looks good on paper. The question we have is, has anyone got one? How are they? Do they really make you make dolphin noises (see the video)? 

Let us know if you have one. If you don't but want to know more then this is the place:

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